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Spatula City

Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway

Widgeon the Amateur Vivisectionist
My name is Emily. I'm 26. I don't take very good care of myself, and I'm still trying to figure out why. I'm from Northern California, but I live in Utah.

I vary wildly between extremes, but not in a bipolar sense.

I miss everything in the world. I love everything in the world. I hate everything in the world. I am simultaneously sick of my friends and extremely lonely, and sometimes I think I don't understand myself at all. And I talk too much (I even worry my pet).

Nice to meet you.

According to the HP Meme of 2006, I am Meaghan McCormack.

[i'm bill weasley]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

{ wear }

80s music, a stick!, and a hard-boiled egg, apallingly bright/dark lipstick, archibald asparagus, astronomy, attractive male journalists, avoiding responsibility, awesome t-shirts, bagpipes, beauty, being erica, being impertinent, being mildly obsessive-compulsive, being paid to work, being randomly obsessive, being there, being well-hydrated, bethany's possessed quill, bod rhan o'r merched, boys, boys boys, boys boys boys, british candy bars, british soda, color, contagious question, cool hats, cymraeg, cymru, drooling over masahiko kobe, editing, extra "u"s, family, fandom gluttony, fflip-fflops, folk music, food, freakazoid, fried eggs, gargoyles, getting something for nothing, getting things right, gilbert and sullivan, good cheese, good mint tea, good people, grape juice binges, green-lensed sunglasses, guys in turtlenecks, guys who can sing, guys with longish hair, gyda'r enw pam lai, h/l, harry potter, having money, having too many interests, hello hello hello, hufflepuff, i'm daft for taft, impulse purchases, innocence, inside jokes, intentionally bad fanfiction, inuyasha, iron chef, jane austen, jarvis cocker, jones soda, jonny greenwood, journalism, kimonos, king's quest, labyrinth, lack of fear, lemon sorbet, linguistics, long and confusing words, lost causes, luna lovegood, meaghan/the pye, men in frock coats, men with floppy hair, merch o wlad thai, missionaries, missy higgins, monkey island, mst3k, my kidlets, naming inanimate objects, non sequiters, not taking myself seriously, occasional solitude, occasionally being saucy, originality, penguins, pirates of penzance, procrastination, punctuation, pye with a stache, quest for glory, quidditch, quotes, really bad puns, really cunning plans, reflections in dark windows, reg shoe, religion, rincewind, rpgs, rules of thumb, sacramento kings, scottish fiddle music, shakespeare, singing, sleep, spontaneous combustion, takahashi rumiko, talking to inanimate objects, thai peanut sauce, the beatles, the color green, the fish, the harry potter fandom, the mr t experience, the pye, the term "pinko commie", the weird sisters, they might be giants, thought-provoking lyrics, true principles, tucker carlson, tyron leitso, uhf, underdogs, unexpected compliments, unidentified flying cupcakes, veggietales, visit-the-ungodly-with-explanatory-pamphlets, wearing too much eyeliner, webcomics, weirding people out, well-groomed eyebrows, what's my motivation?, why the heck not?, widgeon the amateur vivisectionist, wistfully wanting to cosplay, wonderfalls, wrong turn at albuquerque, you make bowie scared